Conference Fee

The registration fee is 4300 CNY for payments made prior to September 10, 2019 and 5000 CNY afterward. The registration fee covers the costs for reception, coffee breaks, lunches, conference banquet, social events (Han Show) and the proceedings.

Accompany person: The registration fee for accompany person is 1600 CNY, which includes welcome reception, lunches and the banquet. Note this does not cover the Han Show ticket which can be purchased at the registration desk in cash (CNY required).



You need to have a regular or a LightWeight CERN account in order to register for the conference. In case you do not have any of those accounts, you can create a CERN LightWeight Account here.


Registration for the conference is possible through the registration form in the indico page starting on March 30th, 2019.

If you apply for the fellowships for young participants, please read carefully the INSTRUCTIONS and fill the necessary information in the registration form.

Your registration is only valid after the payment has been received.


For those who need visa, proceed to HERE.


The payment can be made on-line from the registration form after filling the necessary information. The payment details can be found after the registration process has been completed.

In case you applied for the fellowships, please postpone the payment until the decision on the support has been taken on August 20, 2019.

The payment has been authorized to ACONF system to process. There are four ways for the payments: (1) Credit/Master cards; (2) Bank Transfer; (3) AliPay; (4) Wechat Pay.

Accomodation and Excursion

Please be aware that you have to take care of arranging accommodation and excursion by yourself. A list of accommodation options can be found HERE.

A list of excursions can be found HERE.


After you register the conference or you modify your registration, your will receive an email for the registration confirmation with an e-ticket attachment. The e-ticket is a PDF document containing a QR code that can be used to check-in attendees at the Conference. Please do not forget to bring your "e-ticket" to the conference in order to check-in the Conference.

Registration Issues

Please contact us via: